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“Eddie” graduated in March 1989 with his Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy and has over 28 years of experience as a Physical Therapist.   He is originally from the Philippines.   He is fluent in English, Filipino and has a good understanding of the Spanish language.  His bedside manner is both gentle and caring.  He has a wonderful and refreshing sense of humor which lends to his patients feeling more relaxed and comfortable making their therapy appointments an enjoyable experience.

Throughout his many years of practice, Eddie has treated thousands of cases ranging from the simple to the most complex in nature.  He has a special fondness for the elderly and has spent many, many years working in nursing homes.  

Eddie utilizes a one on one approach incorporating various different techniques such as myofascial release and joint mobilization.  He creates custom treatment plans for each of his patients and works hands on with them to meet their goals.


Eduardo Rodriguez


2780 Middle Country Rd.

Suite 140

Lake Grove, NY 11755-2120

631- 580-1000


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