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To receive the full benefits of physical therapy, it is important that the patient follows the instructions of the physician and physical therapist religiously. In many cases, people tend to think that they know the exercises well enough after some time and hence they could do the rehabilitation quite effectively without any external help. But, such acts generally cause more damage to the existing injury than providing any real benefits. Physical therapy needs time to achieve optimum benefits. A physician who monitors the progress could correct if there is any error in the posturing or practice, and he/she periodically redesigns the exercise programs accordingly, as the patient gets better or improves in health and strength. None of this would be possible if the patient tries to manage the rehabilitation program on their own. Remember, the final result or complete recovery through physical therapy is a combination of diligence, compliance, and dedication, and that requires continued interaction and coordination between the patient, physician and physical therapist. Physical therapy is hugely effective in treating injured joints, bones, muscle weaknesses, and many neurological ailments, however, it must be done in the proper way, under the supervision of an able physical therapist for the patient to experience an early recovery.



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