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Physical therapy providers are trained medical professionals who treat individuals who have injuries or health-related problems that limit their ability to move or perform their daily tasks. A physical therapist is a licensed professional who works in conjunction with a medical doctor, or a pain management doctor to restore the patient’s muscle strength, coordination, and body motion. In order to become one, you must obtain a bachelor’s degree, and then must past a state license exam in the state that you choose to work.


Physical therapists work in conjunction with no-fault and workers' compensation doctors, as they will be the person who handles the day to day care of the patients. They will use strength and conditioning exercises, cold pads to prevent swelling, and heat stimulation to loosen tight muscles, and also play an important role for pre-op and post-op patients. Pain Management doctors may order a physical therapist to work on a patient in order to prevent the need for an operation. If they can strengthen the muscles around the joint such as a knee or shoulder, then sometimes an operation can be prevented. In a post-operation setting the most vital role of rehabilitating the patient lies with the therapist. They will use a variety of exercises to strengthen muscles in conjunction with heat and cold therapy. They may also use elastic bands, weights, bicycles, whirlpools, and swimming pools.


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